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The Law Offices of Bryana Cross Bean aims to give you convenient access to our Puyallup and Gig Harbor locations. Whether you need help with drawing up a will or deed, or administering a loved one’s estate, our lawyer will work hard to take care of the details in a timely fashion. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Puyallup Office Driving Directions

Our Puyallup Office is located at 802 39th Ave SW, #5, Puyallup, WA 98373.  Look for a two-story brown and red building with a parking lot out front, next to Ma’s Place Restaurant in the South Hill area.  There’s a large sign on the side of the building marked 802 J.C. Higgins & Associates. 

From I-5 via Hwy 512:

  • Take Exit 127 – Hwy 512 East (Puyallup – Mt. Rainier)
  • At that Exit, Southbound traffic turns left and northbound traffic turns right
  • Follow Hwy 512 East for about 8 miles
  • Take the Exit marked 9th St SW/94th Ave E (Fairgrounds, South Hill Mall)
  • Turn right at traffic light onto 9th St SW/94th Ave E, then drive for 2 blocks
  • Turn left at traffic light onto 39th Ave SW
  • Our office is on the right

From Hwy 167:

  • From Hwy 167 in Puyallup, head South on 4th St. NW for ½ mile
  • Continue onto 5th St NW for about ½ mile
  • Continue onto Fairview Dr. for about ½ mile
  • Continue onto 9th St SW for 1.6 miles
  • Turn left onto 112th St E/39th Ave SW
  • The office building is less than 500 feet on the right, just before Ma’s Place Restaurant.
Gig Harbor Office Driving Directions

Our Gig Harbor Office is located at 5775 Soundview Dr., Suite 202B (Building B), Gig Harbor, WA 98335.  There are several light gray buildings at this address.  Look for Building B.  We’re in a shared suite with Infinity Real Estate and Cheri Johnson Strategic Wealth Advisors.

From WA Hwy 16 Westbound:

  • Take Exit 10 – Olympic Dr. NW
  • Turn right onto Olympic Dr. NW
  • Continue for about ½ mile
  • Our office is on the right

From WA Hwy 16 Eastbound:

  • Take Exit 10 – Olympic Dr. NW
  • Turn left onto Olympic Dr. NW
  • Continue for about ½ mile
  • Our office is on the right
What is "Elder Law"?

The Washington Association of Elder Law Attorneys (WAELA) defines that specific area of law as:

“Elder Law” has been defined as the legal practice of counseling and representing older persons, their representatives, and their families about the legal aspects of estate planning, health and long-term care planning, public benefits, surrogate decision-making, capacity, conservation, disposition and administration of older persons’ estates, and the implementation of their decisions concerning such matters.

In other words, it does not simply mean legal representation of an elderly person.

If my assets are not of great value, why would I need estate planning?

We hear from many people who think they do not have an “estate”.   We say that if you have two pennies to rub together, you have an estate! Estate planning is a general term used for different types of legal documents that accomplish certain things either during your life or after your death.

A Last Will & Testament, or a “Will” is just one of them.  A Will is used to direct what happens to your estate after you pass away.  Even if your assets are not of great value, you may be in one or more of the following situations, so having heirs inherit or not inherit from you could be very important if:

  • You have family members who are not capable of managing their own financial affairs and you worry that if they were to inherit, they could not properly manage their inheritance.  This may apply to a beneficiary who is disabled, going through bankruptcy or being sued, going through a divorce, or has a gambling or drug problem.  It would also apply if you own a business or are a member of an LLC, or perhaps you are living with (but not married to) your loved one and you want your partner to inherit from you, or maybe you and your spouse have children from a prior marriage.
  • Perhaps you are not married and don’t have any children.  Your Will can name non-family members or charitable organizations for your estate to pass to.
I have children who are under 18, so if I were to pass away, how can I be sure they are taken care of by someone who knows and loves them?

Let’s say your children’s other parent is not in the picture.  A Will is a legal document that can direct who will care for your minor children by appointing a trusted person who loves and cares about your child to handle his/her finances.

I’m still young, so do I really need a Durable Power of Attorney document?

No matter your age, unless you are under 18, everyone would benefit from having a Durable Power of Attorney document in place for medical and financial decision making.  You never know when an unexpected event like a car accident or serious medical condition will arise. Bryana Cross Bean has had experience with a serious, unexpected illness, which you can read more about here.